Dr Yap, the Paediatrician will be on Chinese New Year Leave from:
10/02/24 TO 18/02/2024
Resume Consultation on Mon,19 Feb 2024

Maintain good Personal Hygiene and remain masked in high density closed space

Make Appointment for consulatation at Children Clinic for better social distancing

For Info on Covid-19, please check MOH Covid-19 website

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  • Setup in 1990 to provide general medical care and specialist children care to the neighbourhood community at an affordable price and minimal inconvenience

    To enable the optimal growth of our infants and children so that they can realise their dreams with healthy minds and bodies for our Nation's BETTER TOMORROW.

    To engage our adult patients, to enable them to optimise their health thereby increasing their productivity both at home and at work.

    To assist our elderly population to lead an active relatively pain free and joyful silver years.

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    Dr. Yap Kian Mo

    Consultant Paediatrician

    Dr Yap received his Basic Medical Degree (MBBS) from the NUS in 1983 and his specialist training from the National University Hospital. He received his Master of Medicine in Paediatrics in 1988 with special interest in neonatal care.

    He started his Private Paediatrics Practice at Garden Clinic in 1990. He enjoys his work as a Primary Care Physician in particular the personal nature and the continuity of care in the Practice.

    Adj Asst Professor Gregory Leong Goh Han

    Family Physician

    Dr Leong received his Basic Medical Degree (MBBS) from NUS in 1997 and his Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Medicine in 2000. He is academically recognised and is honoured to serve as Adjunct Assistant Professor in Duke-NUS Medical School and as Adj Lecturer in Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS. He has special interests in Community Geriatrics and conditions relating to the Ear, Nose and Throat discipline.

    Our Lovely Staffs

    Staff nurse Glynis Tai, Nurse Alice Lim, Lee Hwang, Mabel Yap and Cindy Tay.

    Our Current Enemy

    SAR CoV 2 Pandemic 2019. The virus is strategically using human infection to extend it's frontier. Let us be united to nip it by not becoming instrument of its ruthless spread. Get Vaccinated if you have no contraindication including the booster. Observe strict compliance to social distancing measures. If infected follow MOH Health advisory to guide recovery and treatment to optimise use of medical facility.


    To give our patient the best possible affordable care and to have them referred to the best doctor/centre whenever the need arises.

    • Specialist Consultations for babies and children

    • Public Health Preparedness Clinic

    • General medical consultations for adults and the elderly

    • Newborn screening Developmental Assessment Adolescent Medicine

    • All vaccinations for adult, baby and children and travel- NAIS, NCIS

    • Work Permit check-up for family domestic helper and pre-employment screen

    • Pre-adoption and pre-marital counselling

    • Pre-arranged Hospital Consultation

    Covid-19 Outbreak
    nCoV Infection in Singapore

    With the prominence of Omicron as the dominant strain and with better herb immunity with our auccessful vaccination progam, most Covid cases are now mildly symptomatic except in those more vulnerables due to other co-morbidities or age. Living with the virus has now become the norm. Remain vigilant and be responsive to recommendation as indicated

    Do not spread fake news. Respect social distancing and wear a mask when in close public space, eat healthily and pursue a healthy active lifestyle

    Vaccination Information-Others

    There is a high Human Papillomavirus - HPV Disease burden among males and females Worldwide. In particular the focus is on the need for our girls to be vaccinated early, from 10 years old onward, to protect them against cervical cancer which is now a highly preventable cancer with vaccination. Do check with your doctor. It would be one of the most invaluable gift for your daughter. HPV infection also caused other conditions such as NPC, Genital warts and some anal cancer. It is recommended too for male to have the vaccine

    Endemic Condition
    Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) Alert

    An increase in the number of HFMD cases noted. Sentinel surveillance by MOH reveal Enterovirus 71(EV71) as dominant strain in comparison to the Cox16 in the last Epidemic.

    EV71 is known to cause casualty in children < 5 yrs-took 2 lives in 2001.

    Note: majority of cases due to either strain are benign and self limiting. However lookout for complications are essential for early treatment and safe outcome.

    Please check with your GP for clarification


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